About the team

The Scratch Fine Foods team consists of Dominique St. Jean & Joe Casson. Both industry veterans, they bring a wealth of knowledge to the table; everything from suave cocktails, seasonal dinner menus to crunchy sauerkraut and tangy kimchi. We are passionate about good food, we want to pass the love on to you!

Whether your about to crack open a jar of our ‘kraut, or plan your next dinner party, we aim to exceed your expectations, dear guest.


Scratch Fine Foods uses local product where possible. We utilize the best of the seasons, using product at the peak of its greatness. Seasonality is our muse. We support the farmers in our sea-to-sky area. Scratch fine foods supports the old-school fermentation technique. We want to keep the tradition alive. Our kimchi and sauerkraut products are alive, thanks to the Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB) present. Fermented foods not only taste excellent, they are great for your gut as well. What’s not to like?