The days are getting shorter, temperatures are dropping. Some much needed rain came after such a swelteringly hot summer – needed even more by our pals on the interior with a brutal and ongoing forest fire season.

But…don’t you just love this time of year?! I mean, summer is awesome – and boy has it been great. But we can begin to hunker down at home, guilt free because the weather is getting chilly, and spend that little extra time on ourselves. Cooking, relaxing, taking a moment to just be with oneself at home. We notice that some people even begin to get those preserved and fermented food cravings, well don’t worry. We got you.

Diets also change along with the seasons based on what is in season as well as how our bodies react to the changing daylight hours and temperatures. Be sure to be good to yourself and maintain a healthy gut biome by keeping those fermies in your diet. Sauerkraut and Kimchi are actually both super high in Vitamin C as well, who’d a thought!

We still have a few markets left of the season and will be transitioning into a fall and winter market schedule, as well as you finding us at some local patches to get your fermie fix. Check out our Where To Find Us page for more details or hit our online shop to grab some stuff. If something appears not in stock or we have some small batch products you’re interested in that aren’t listed please don’t hesitate to fire us a message on instagram @scratchfinefoods.

Also, just want to say a continued thanks to all the market organizers for continuing to maintain a COVID – safe space for shopping and retailing. There have been so many changes month to month to keep up with and how different and positive it was to last year with glimpses of normality. Everyone has been a rockstar. Thank you!

Peace n love xoxo