Not All Heroes Wear Capes…

…but some should be kept in the fridge.

It’s amazing to think that in nearly all Korean households Kimchi is eaten every single day.

Now, it is no secret to that Kimchi is an ingredient with a variety of culinary benefits. I mean, you can add it to soups, slap some on your toast in the morning, rice and noodle dishes…oh and grilled cheese sandwiches ;).

On top of that (pun intended), it is incredibly good for you. Kimchi and its unique nutritional index is linked to promoting ones health, whilst preventing disease at the same time. It’s lengthy roster of vitamins and minerals include Vitamins A, B, C & K as well as calcium, iron, phosphorous and selenium. As well as a whole host of “phytochemicals” that have detoxification, anti-inflammatory and immune-stimulating properties.

Kimchi is probably best known, at least in the western world, for having serious street-cred when it comes to its probiotic benefits. This is because of its lactic acid bacteria that occurs as a result from its fermentation. The fermentation is THE catalyst that creates such bacterias and gives it the famous sour tang. The fermentation process pretty much creates this whole new host of nutrients that wouldn’t be there otherwise.

Couple this probiotic fermentation with the fact that Kimchi is literally made from Napa Cabbage – considered effective in preventing stomach cancer. And Garlic – another anti-stomach cancer player. It’s kind of like a soccer team signing an all-star, title winning coach (lactic acid bacteria), who melds together the talent of a nutrient-dense all star team; Napa Cabbage, Garlic, Carrot, Daikon etc. It’s a winner for your digestive health before it even starts!

Anyway… Kimchi is awesome. If kimchi WAS a soccer team, I am a cheerleader.

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