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Our First Customer

One of our first customers and two of our biggest fans are Natasha and Ed, owners of BReD in Whistler. BReD was actually the first location to stock our products when we were starting up, and Tash & Ed are two people who continue to inspire and fill us with confidence as a small company.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of visiting, BReD is a 100% plant-based bakery in a beautiful design-led space where you can enjoy the best coffee in Whistler (no argument there) as well as grabbing your quota of fresh-baked sourdough bread, and any other concoction the talented team has created (PRO-TIP: the Roasted Pemberton Potato “Beanz on Toast” is something you cannot leave without trying). They use high quality organic ingredients providing wholesome, vegan cuisine that nourishes the body and feeds the soul.

Despite having been out of Whistler for nearly 10 months Joe firmly believes that he, as an individual, has consumed the most of BReD’s Chocolate, Coconut, Oat + Sea Salt Cookies out of anyone in the world. He doesn’t know whether to be proud of this or not. No less help to Dominique, who purchased an undisclosed amount of these cookies instead of a birthday cake for Joe one year (she knows the way to his heart). Either way, they are delicious. Get your mitts on one before some smart individual buys them all before you. In fact, just take a look at their menu to get the taste buds going.

Jokes aside, it is brilliant seeing (and eating!) just how the baking team is continually experimenting with kitchen technique to create amazing and unique products that don’t use eggs or dairy. Some of the items they make will blow your mind, seriously. They continue to push the envelope of vegan technique in baking, making goods that will excite and enthuse you at what is possible. You also feel much less guilty enjoying one of their massive cookies. If you’re heading up to Whistler this winter for a ski or a chill, make sure to stop at BReD ’s Creekside Village location for a brew and to grab a bite. CHECK THEIR OPENING HOURS though, we would hate for you to miss out!

Our Products

You can find our Original Kimchi (100% plant-based with no fermented fish products) and our Cultured Chili Sauce being retailed at BReD.

Get them while stocks last because we have some valued and loyal customers up the Sea-to-Sky who make sure to grab their share when they know it is in stock! Or at least before Ed eats them all.

It’s always nice hanging out with these guys because it makes Joe feel like he’s at home. Even despite the mocking of his Bristolian-English twang that creeps in after a cider or two…

Stay tuned for a little festive collab in the coming weeks. BReD have created some great partnerships with other BC based companies that have similar mission statements when it comes to being kind to our planet by consuming a more plant-based diet. We are excited to say the least.