Fermented Maple Mustard


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This recipe will satisfy those that appreciate a more cutting, spicy mustard varietal.

Get some in your life.

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Our Fermented Maple Mustard uses sauerkraut brine to start the fermentation which also adds a healthy dose of tang & acidity.

We use a blend of crushed brown & yellow mustard seeds as well as mustard powder for consistency.

The sweetness come from a single origin maple syrup from Maple’s Sugar Shack which provides an overall balanced and delicate taste.

Ingredients: Brown & Yellow Mustard Seeds, Yellow Mustard Powder, White Vinegar, Maple Syrup, Turmeric, Sea Salt, Trace Garlic

Dietary choice information: Vegan, Gluten-free/Celiac friendly, Nut-free

Potential allergens: Alliums (Garlic)


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