Garlic Sauerkraut


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If you haven’t experienced the satisfying crunch of fermented cabbage and garlic while also giving your gut health a kick start, then we are here for you. Our house sauerkraut doesn’t make things complicated. We keep it simple, letting you be the architect of its use. We use traditional methods of lacto-fermentation to get an amazing crunch and tang.

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Our signature sauerkraut is deceptively simple; Cabbage, Garlic and Kosher Salt. The fermentation brings out a savoury, acidic beautiful garlic flavour, perfect for all the garlic-lovers out there.

Note that there is no raw garlic flavour, more of a subtle pickled garlic flavour. 

We ferment our ‘kraut for about 2 weeks, unlocking all that beautiful probiotic goodness. The result is a crunchy, pleasantly brine-y condiment. We eat this kraut with everything. It’s especially good paired with curries or in your favourite sandwich.

‘Kraut is also packed full of nutrients and health benefits, the lactose-fermentation creates an abundance of lactobacillus which is great for gut health (it has even more probiotics than yogurt!). High in vitamins C & K as well as omega fatty acids.

Ingredients: White Cabbage, Garlic, Kosher Salt

Dietary choice information: Vegan, Gluten-free/Celiac friendly, Nut-free

Potential allergens: Alliums (Garlic)


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