Garlic Sauerkraut


Because adding fermented garlic was always going to be a great idea.

Our OG product deserves a place in your fridge. Trust us.

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Our signature sauerkraut is deceptively simple; Cabbage, Garlic and Kosher Salt. The fermentation brings out a savoury, acidic beautiful garlic flavour, perfect for all the garlic-lovers out there.

Note that there is no raw garlic flavour, more of a subtle pickled garlic flavour. 

We ferment our ‘kraut for about 2 weeks, unlocking all that beautiful probiotic goodness. The result is a crunchy, pleasantly brine-y condiment. We eat this kraut with everything. It’s especially good paired with curries or in your favourite sandwich.

Dietary choice information: vegan, gluten-free/celiac friendly, nut-free

Potential allergens: garlic

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