Cultured Chili Sauce


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Scratch Cultured Chili Sauce is must-have in any spice lover’s pantry.

Our choice chili peppers have been fermented and blended into a “Sambal-Olek” consistency, but way different.

Expect an earthy warmth that is a welcome addition to a sandwich, sauce or marinade. Check out our recipes page for some inspiration!

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Our chili sauce is made with a mix of tien tsin, santaka and birds beak peppers, making for a fiercely spicy blend. We ferment the hot sauce for 2-3 weeks to bring out subtle, sweet flavors in the chilis.

This hot sauce is comparable to the ‘sambal olek’ chili sauce you see in the grocery store, but with vastly more flavour and probiotic action! It is full bodied, rich and packing heated character.

There’s a huge range of use for this condiment. From your spicy Bloody Mary, to marinades, ramen broth seasoning, to flavouring your favourite aioli or pasta sauce. Scratch Chili Sauce is must-have in any spice lover’s pantry.

Check out our recipes if you would like some inspiration on how to use the sauce. But really, there is not wrong answer.

Dietary choice information: vegan, gluten-free/celiac friendly, nut-free

Potential allergens: chili pepper (part of the ‘nightshade’ family of vegetables that has potential to cause allergic reactions)

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