Fermentation processes are ancient rituals that humankind has been performing since the dawn of time, yet they have largely been relegated to factory production. Techniques evolved by dawning civilization are becoming increasingly obscure and are in danger of being forgotten forever.

As humans, we are becoming increasingly aware of our health and the environment when it comes to our food. With some effort, we are moving towards a more harmonious and conscious way of life. Finding ways to become more connected to all forms of life, including the what, why and where of how we eat. Dialling back to a more “ancient” way of eating we are becoming reconnected to plants and animals, bacteria, yeasts and fungi – not to mention drawing on knowledge and techniques that have succeeded past generations.

Read about our products below and how we implement such philosophies.

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If you haven’t experienced the satisfying crunch of fermented cabbage and garlic while also giving your gut health a kick start, then we are here for you. Our house sauerkraut doesn’t make things complicated. We keep it simple, letting you be the architect of its use. We use traditional methods of lacto-fermentation to get an amazing crunch and tang.

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Kimchi, the Korean sauerkraut. We use a blend of veggies alongside crushed Korean red chilli to give it that warming fizz.

A lot of kimchi you see in stores uses fish sauce and shrimp paste. We keep our products plant based and let the fermentation do the talking.

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Cultured Chili Sauce

Fermented and cultured chili sauces, fun for your mouth – great for your gut! We have a range of sauces that can be at your disposal for whatever you need. Dipping, marinating, braising – say no more – we got you.

It’s full bodied, tangy and beautiful. If you love hot sauce, then you need this.

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Koji Cucumbers

These sliced pickles incorporate fresh koji into the lacto-pickle brine creating a truly unique earthy, yet floral, complexity of flavours. This is the ultimate pickle.

Don’t fear! These are an amazing sliced pickle that we’ve just had a bit of creative fun with.

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Live Vinegars

We’ve had fun getting creative with different flavours of vinegar. Always made with fresh fruit and vegetables these live vinegars are the perfect way to add some acid to the plate.

Enjoy incorporating some as a salad dressing & deglazing a pan whilst cooking or even add a splash some soda wateror a cocktail for some flavoured ZING!

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Fermented Mustards

Yes, you read that correctly. Prepare to level up your mustard game.

Watch this space.

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We let the seasons dictate what pickles we have in our range. With a careful blend of vinegars, herbs & spices our pickles are perfect for charcuterie boards, sandwiches, salads; we’re even more down if you just want to grab a jar, a fork and demolish the whole thing.

Check out what we’re into right now.

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Salsa Verde

Local farmers have supplied us with some insanely delicious green tomatillo.

We have applied our fermentation techniques in order to create a super-tangy and refreshing salsa!

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Quality ingredients, quality product.

We are dedicated to using local and organic wherever possible – firmly believing that if you buy quality, you make quality. We want our own products to be as nutritious as possible without the risk of any added substance.

Supporting local farms and bringing the farm-to-table experience through our products is what we want to bring to you.

We are transparent when it comes to what we do, and how we do. If you have any questions we welcome you to get in touch.