Drinking Vinegars

There is growing research suggesting a number of health benefits when regularly consuming small amounts of apple cider vinegar.

Our drinking vinegars are a tart & sweet cordial that you can add to water, soda or tonic to create a tangy and refreshing drink!

Vinegar is another way of using acidity to create a balanced taste against the sweet. If you’ve ever heard of a cocktail shrub.. it’s just like that. Check out our recipes to see how we’ve been creative with our products!

We use the season to dictate what fruit we used in our drinking vinegars. So far we have made:

  • Cherry, Black Pepper & Balsamic
  • Pear & Rosemary
  • Blueberry & Vanilla
  • Strawberry, Pepper & Sage
  • White Peach & Allspice
  • Blackberry & Juniper
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