Scratch Fine Foods – Koji Cucumbers

Our cucumber pickle is made using a base of shio-koji. For those new to this ferment, koji is the predominant mold used in the making of Sake, Miso & soy sauce. This is a truly unique product where we have combined the creamy, yet floral character of the koji, with the lacto-pickle brine to give it an amazing depth of flavour.

Using the enzymatic activity of the koji, combined with the uber-savoury lactic acid fermentation process, the result is one super tangy and uber satisfying pickle. Our koji cucumbers are also fermented with garlic, giving them a satisfying garlic tang. These are the perfect sandwich pickle, we also highly recommend them as a delicious addition to cheese & charcuterie boards.

PRO-TIP : these cucumbers paired with your favourite mac n’ cheese dish are something to write home about!

Dietary choice information: vegan, gluten-free/celiac friendly, nut-free

Potential allergens: garlic

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