Live Vinegars

Vinegar is a kitchen staple so ubiquitous and every-day that people often forget that making it is a form of fermentation.

Adding a splash of vinegar is a way, if not, THE WAY to add an injection of fresh acidity to whatever you are consuming. Balanced acidity is crucial to any meal or drink, which is why we are bringing to you  a niche & bespoke product range to get those taste buds fired up.

We are making small batch vinegars that incorporate great fruit, vegetable & botanical flavours to this vibrant acidity in awesome flavour combos. Our range of vinnies stretches from slightly sweeter drinking vinegar styles all the way to something suitable for salad dressings and pickling. Ask us what we have, our stock is in constant rotation based on what is in season and what style we want to make of it!

Our vinegars are unpasteurized and LIVE in order to preserve the bacterium that inhabit the contents.

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