Drinking Vinegar, Gin & Tonic

Add punchy flavour & electric acidity to this classic beverage with our range of drinking vinegars.

Zero-proof? Absolutely YES, if you want to!

Recipe Here

Crispy Fried Rice Bowl with Tofu, Chili & Sauerkraut

Texture & tang with this awesome pairing of our Cultured Chili Sauce & Garlic Sauerkraut with some leftover rice.

Breakfast/ Lunch/ Dinner is served.

Recipe Here

Diablo Cookies

Chili & Chocolate bliss. This is a plant-based recipe for you to heat up that sweet tooth of yours.

Our Cultured Chili Sauce brings an earthy warmth to compliment this rich and decadent cookie.

Recipe Here

Kimchi Grilled Cheese Sandwich

“If it’s stupid and it works, it ain’t stupid”.

We’re not sorry. You won’t be either.

Recipe Here

Pickled Rainbow Carrot Martini

Smooth, saline, vegetal sipper based on a powerhouse of a classic cocktail.

This recipe shows you how to pre-batch a whole bottle to keep in the freezer for a “rainy day”.

Recipe Here

Chickpea Stew, Kimchi Spice, Chilli Yogurt, Mint

Kimchi spice meets pantry staples in this hearty plant-based stew. Perfect for when you want to whip up something wholesome and warming.

Recipe Here

Asparagus, Kimchi, Fried Garlic & Parsley Pangrattato

We’ve added some spring-time zest and kimchi-tang to a simple light meal that is great for breakfast or as a side. Loads of texture, and some ingredients you can use in other meals.

Recipe Here

Raspberry, Ginger & Clove Kvass

Old school fermentation techniques let these ingredients come to play into a tangy, spiced drink. Great with any of your white spirits or as a refreshing soda on its own.

Recipe Here

Spicy Wild Mushrooms, Spruce Tips, Sourdough, Leaves

We met up with Chef Nick Cassettari of Alta Bistro to grab some forest goods from the sea-to-sky to use with our Cultured Chili Sauce.

Super easy – and you get to go outside for a bit if you want!

Recipe Here

Scratch Bloody Mary

OG Brunch cocktail, meet Scratch Cultured Chili Sauce.

Play nice.


Recipe Here