We are currently only delivering to the Greater Vancouver Area. Alternatively, you can arrange to have us bring your order to any farmers market we are participating in.

If you have any questions or queries (or really need a product of ours) please contact us directly using our webform and we will get back to you ASAP.

  • Consisting of a carefully chosen blend of veggies bound together by a rich mix of Crushed Red Chili Powder. We let these flavors really meld together during the fermentation period to give it a unique complexity and the signature “tang” we like. We do not use any shellfish or fish-based products, we prefer to keep our kimchi plant-based.
  • We make our own FRESH koji and incorporate it into the lacto-brine for our sliced pickles. It brings an amazing floral - yet earthy - creaminess to the brine. Still a pickled cuke, just with extra layers of complexity!
  • This hot sauce is absolute fire! Bourbon-barrel fermented hot sauce. Yes, you read that right. This is a ‘Tabasco-style’ hot sauce: - smooth, spice-forward flavour with a balanced acidity.
  • If you haven’t experienced the satisfying crunch of fermented cabbage and garlic while also giving your gut health a kick start, then we are here for you. Our house sauerkraut doesn’t make things complicated. We keep it simple, letting you be the architect of its use. We use traditional methods of lacto-fermentation to get an amazing crunch and tang.
  • This recipe will satisfy those that appreciate a more cutting, spicy mustard varietal. Get some in your life.
  • We use a blend of fermented BC grown chilies to create this amazing chili paste. You can use this spicy little number on anything you wish. Add it to curry pastes, marinades or even straight up use it as a sauce if you can handle the heat. A little dab'll do ya!!  
  • Lacto-fermented pickled carrots. We ferment locally grown carrots in a botanical brine for 2 - 3 weeks leaving you with an aromatic and super-tangy carrot with tons of crunch. Enjoy.